Cost Effective For Providers

PogoMD is free to start and cheap to keep!

From inception, PogoMD was engineered to improve practice workflow efficiency. Each module in our software was born out of a specific need, in most cases the direct result of the introduction of an EMR.

By bridging the gap between providers, patients, and other providers, PogoMD eliminates data workflow blockages by automating tasks and streamlining others. It’s a process we call Pogomation, and the result is reduced employee frustration and increased patient satisfaction. The entire PogoMD suite of tools can be used for a fraction of the cost of legacy client-server based applications.

Pogomation is:

  • Automated patient registration
  • Automated patient histories
  • Automated reminders and alerts
  • Secure Med-iMail messaging
  • Patient self-pay
  • Automated patient statements

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