Meaningful Use Certified

What does ONC-ATCB certification mean?

PogoMD is certified as a modular EMR. Achieving this certification means PogoMD was tested by an accredited testing facility to adhere to a specific set of requirements. In broad terms, those requirements include, but were not limited to the following examples:

Testing Requirements

  • Appropriate access controls
  • Automatic log-off
  • Emergency access to authorized users
  • Audit logs generated and maintained
  • System architecture and integrity is evaluated
  • Encryption methods are evaluated and tested
  • and more…

Aside from the monetary benefit to physicians of having a low cost Meaningful Use certified modular solution, the ONC-ATCB Certification is also your assurance that PogoMD complies with all appropriate security and industry standards. PogoMD is future-proof by design.

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