Patient Reminders & Alerts

Automatically and effortlessly communicate reminders and alerts to your patients.

PogoMD’s powerfull messaging engine can easily be configured to send your patients notifications specific to your designated criteria.

Reminders – Automatically send your patients appointment reminders in advance of their visit, and include a link to the forms you would like them to complete prior to their arrival. Patient-Reminders-iconReminders can also be created based upon condition specific criterie. Examples include:

  • Automate Appointment Reminders
  • Annual Test Reminders
  • Timely visit reminders based on DX

Alerts – receive reminders, results, and more from your physician, which you can then forward to a referred physician, retain on PogoMD, or download for your own records.

  • Medication Recalls
  • Flu or virus alerts
  • Emergency Notifications

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