PogoMD® for Patients

PogoMD® gives patients access and control of their medical records, enabling you to stay on top of your care.

PogoMD Patient Experience

Secure Messaging

Communication with your doctors has never been more accessible or seamless. Via the PogoMD secure messaging engine, patients can receive clinical documentation, lab results, and more. Additionally, providers can enable you to send messages to them for improved availability and feedback.

Doctor Forms From Home

Tired of sitting in a waiting room and filling out forms, like when was your appendectomy, or what medications are you taking, and what’s the dosage? Instead of spending time in a waiting room filled with sick patients, take your time filling out your provider’s forms from the comfort of your own home, privately, securely, and accurately.

Receive Health Reminders

Being reminded of upcoming appointments and clinically recommended alerts are just a couple of the benefits patients can receive with PogoMD. Reminders can be sent via email, text, or other patient selected methods.

Schedule Appointments

PogoMD allows you to request or directly schedule appointments with your providers online from your home computer or a mobile device.

Receive Diagnostic Specific Information

As required by current law, providers must make your medical records available to you within three days of your visit. PogoMD gives you access to this information to review or share with other providers.

Gain Access to Doctor Approved Information on your conditions

The internet is an incredible resource, and everything on it is 100% correct, right? Of course not, in fact a growing number of patients are using the web to self-diagnose, resulting in incorrect treatments and increased severity of conditions. With PogoMD, your provider can select what resources they are comfortable with you viewing to learn more about your health, and our intelligent search engine brings your condition specific information directly to your PogoMD homepage.

Read Test Results with HQ (Health Queue)

Do you know what an Hba1c is, or why it is showing up in red in your lab results? Health Queue is unique to PogoMD and is designed to aid patients in sifting through the medical jargon and abbreviations into simple, explanatory terms.

Make Payments

Check your financial balance anytime and make payments to your doctors directly through PogoMD’s payment system.

Link to your physician’s office for free with PogoMD!