PogoMD® For Providers

PogoMD® automates many of the routine communication tasks physicians are required to perform, but that’s just the beginning.

PogoMD for ProvidersPatient Check-In

Patients have been filling out paper forms on a clipboard at doctors’ offices for years. This process has been slightly modified with the use of EMR, but rather than improve efficiency, the registration process, and the collection of preliminary clinical information, has been shifted to the nurse, who now must populate their electronic chart with the patient data. While this accomplishes the advantage of capturing use-able data, it adds a burden to the clinical staff that has in some cases contributed to failed EMR implementations, it adds inefficiency, and it overburdens the clinical assistants. PogoMD® shifts this burden back to the patient. PogoMD‘s unique architecture allows for the patient check-in process to be conducted either at the physician office in a kiosk or on an iPad or at home, prior to their visit. Creating the ability for patients to complete their documentation in their home allows patients to reference their personal records and medication bottles. This will both improve accuracy and efficiency at the point of care. Physicians, in turn, can also create their own customized forms, further tailoring the product to the specific needs of the practice.

Secure Messaging

Communication to patients is accomplished via the internal messaging system. Posted test results, reminders, chart documents, and consults are all handled securely by the PogoMD® messaging engine.

Patient Alerts

Patient alerts are global, automated reminders sent to patients through the messaging engine that queries the physician database for specific criteria. An example of an automated reminder would be timely visit reminders for diabetic patients, physical exams, any annually recommended tests, and drug recalls, for example.

Patient Reminders

Most physician practices have staff calling future patients to remind them of future appointments. Replacing the telephone call reminders with automated calls, text or email messages is a considerable cost and time saver for a practice. The advantage of sending an email reminder is the patient can easily add the appointment to their PC or cell phone.

Post Chart Documents

PogoMD® was created to simplify the sharing of chart documents with patients. Providers can use PogoMD® to upload documents in virtually any file format, or they can upload specific sets of data, like lab results and medication lists. PogoMD® extracts the data and displays the content in a user friendly, consistent format. Comments can also be added by providers to make the data more understandable to patients. PogoMD® will be adding content that will explain lab values and tests to patients in general terms to make the data more informative to patients and to ease the burden of explanations from physicians.

Mobile Access

Physicians frequently need access to patient information when not in their offices. PogoMD® allows for secure remote access from any web enabled device. Depending on the EMR being used, PogoMD® offers additional functionality like medication refills, appointment scheduling, and more.

Physician Referral Module

PogoMD® allows for the seamless flow of information across medical practices and facilities. Currently the referral of patients from one physician to another involves the staff of both practices gathering and inputting basic data, and then the patient once again completing a new set of forms. PogoMD® eliminates this by extracting the desired data from the source physician’s database and messaging it to the recipient physician, all with minimal staff involvement and no patient participation.

Payment Collection

Patients can make copayments and account payments through PogoMD®. Integrated payment collection streamlines the patient check-in workflow and relieves staff of the burden to collect and handle cash.

Automated Patient Statements

Medical offices currently send paper account statements to patients. The standard statement cycle is monthly. Most practices either outsource this service or perform the task in-house with staff. It’s not uncommon for staff to fail to send these statements. PogoMD® automates the patient statement process through the PogoMD® messaging engine. While the patient can log in to see their ledger balance at any time, receiving a monthly message improves receipt of patient payments.

Online Consultations

The need to improve the efficiency of care delivery is being driven by reduced physician reimbursements and the Healthcare Reform Act that promises care to everyone. Some insurance companies have begun to reimburse physicians for providing on-line or telephone consults. PogoMD® is designed to accommodate this growing trend with a complete consultation tracking module.

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