Safe and Secure

Patients want assurance their medical information is kept private.

PogoMD uses our proprietary Print2Pogo engine that encrypts, then uploads documents over an encrypted tunnel. Much of the information presented to patients is never stored on PogoMD, but rather displayed directly from the physicians’ database.

Our focus on security, and use of encryption throughout the communication and storage vehicles, along with our ONC-ATCB industry certification is your guaranty that PogoMD conforms to the highest levels of security and is committed to retaining data privacy in a HIPAA Compliant manner. Besides, as fellow users of PogoMD, we are as sensitive about our medical records as you are yours.

Secure by design

  • Port to port tunnels
  • Encrypted tunnels
  • Encrypted data packets
  • Blowfish, military grade encryption
  • Certified HIPAA Compliant

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