Simple To Use

PogoMD® was developed by doctors – for doctors.

The only people that truly know the demands placed upon physicians are those that walk in their shoes. We began work on PogoMD back in 2006 with practicing physicians to address the needs of growing primary care and urgent care clinics. Our goal was to create a simple way for staff to communicate with their patients and other providers.Simple-to-Use-icon

Once registered, providers can begin using PogoMD immediately as a stand-alone tool patient communication tool, or they can get connected to their EMR and harness the true power of Pogomation!

  • Easy Registration
  • Free Trial for Providers
  • Cancel Anytime

We began working with the PogoMD development team in 2006 to take our already paperless clinics to the next level of automation. PogoMD automes numerous common practice tasks and frees our staff to focus more on patient care and satisfaction!

Dr. Brian Madden Peak Health Medical Group

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